Monday, June 07, 2010

Long time...

... no post. Been pretty busy lately, though not as busy as this guy'll be with the clippers.

"New Growth"
Ink and watercolor on archival plate illustration board

This is the largest painting I've done since January and also the first large painting I've done on plate illustration board. The surface definitely took some getting used to (I practiced on scraps before attempting this size - I'm used to cold press/vellum surfaces). Also need to build up my strength - I underestimated how hard it would be to cut 4 ply illustration board! My arm was sore after chopping up just one board.

I used a fine point, round synthetic brush to paint on the ink lines, and a larger brush for the color washes. I really enjoyed working on this. I'll be doing more like it (in style, size, media) when I get the chance... Which may take a while, seeing as I have summer grad classes as well as work.

I do also have some miniature paintings that I've done over the past several months, which I'll post pictures of one day soon.