Sunday, February 07, 2016

Zombie Ornaments 2016

Zombie Ornaments are back! 

Zombies in Winter #1, acrylic on 80mm glass ornament, 1/24/16

Since December/January, Sundays have been my official painting (or art) day. And one of the things I've been dedicating Sundays to is zombie Christmas ornaments. 

Zombies in Winter #1, acrylic on 80 mm glass ornament, 1/24/16

Watching the snow fall during Snowmaggedon gave me the desperate need to paint SNOW. That Sunday, in about 6 hours from start to finish, I completed the first zombie ornament of 2016.

Zombies in Winter #1, acrylic on 80mm glass ornament, 1/24/16

The woods in the foreground add depth to the scene, while zombies crawl from the churchyard to lurch between the trees on their way to the distant village. 

The trees, shadows, and colors are based largely on the view from my studio. I coated the ornament in gesso first before painting, sanding between coats. In the past I've painted directly on the glass, but sometimes the paint slips on the surface as additional layers are added. The gesso provided a nice tooth that made it much easier to paint. 

I'm currently working on building an inventory of zombie ornaments in preparation for the next holiday season. I plan to list these on Etsy as soon as I have a small inventory available. The next two ornaments are already in progress. Both will have clear blue skies--one at midday with billowing cumulus clouds, and one with the beginnings of a sunset. As obsessed as I was with snow a few weeks ago, I'm thinking the next two ornaments will feature new spring grass and hazes of pollen. I'm looking forward to spring!