Thursday, August 25, 2011

Illusion, Disguise, and Camouflage

A while back, The Arts Center in Orange approached me with the opportunity to organize a group show. I'm happy to announce that the resulting exhibition, "Illusion, Disguise, and Camouflage," will run from September 1 - October 31, 2011. The artwork in the exhibit represents the artists' interpretation of the theme of illusion, disguise, and camouflage - the interplay between things seen and unseen. Featured artists include Mary Chiaramonte, Laura Edwards, Laurel Hausler, Christine Parson, Lisa Schumaier, and myself. The opening reception will be held September 1st from 5-7PM.

The Arts Center in Orange
129 East Main Street
Orange, VA 22960

Crossing the Alps - Finished


Finished this commission last Sunday and it's definitely one of my favorites. Several things differ from the original Jacques-Louis David: the subject (the client replaces Napoleon), the size (of canvas and also the ratio of length to width), the stones (Napoleon's name is replaced with the Latinate form of the client's name; Bonaparte replaces Karolus Magnus [Charlemagne] so that there aren't two Karoluses right next to each other), and the flag (colonial American flag replaces the French flag in keeping with the client's nationality). So altogether, we have a modern Karolus leading the colonial American army across the Alps. :-)


All finished and framed. One (the geisha in green, bottom left) is already sold, the other three will be in an upcoming show at The Arts Center in Orange for $125 each. I'll probably do more mixed media work of this size and a similar theme in the future.