Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I took an oil painting class at my community college last semester. I didn't get much out of it, other than a new appreciation for just how hard oils are. Four months of that class was even to convince me that oils aren't my calling. They're alright, I just don't like them as well as watercolor. I think I would have liked them more if I had been experimenting with them on my own. I hated them during class hours and when I was rushing to get the minimum number of paintings done (which was most of the time), but when I came into the room early enough to be the only one there, it was kind of nice. I managed to have a little bit of fun on the final just because I had to come in early and stay late to work on it every day.

All that backstory just to say this is an 8"x10" I did of a grisly sort of goat head that was (and is) floating around the art lab. The goat was missing a nose--the mice chewed through it. I think it's the nicest thing I did during the class, apart from the two nudes that I never finished and the cow skull that got into the student show. I'd post a picture of that cow skull too, but it's missing somewhere... I think I forgot to pick it up after the student show. The oil painting teacher probably has it stashed away in his office somewhere.

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