Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blue Skies

Finished 6/21/07.

Blue Skies (detail)

Blue Skies (detail)


Ady said...

Awesome work as always, Jenny!! I particularly love the detail close-ups. Can you please share your pallette for skintones with us? I love the colours you achieve for skin in your paintings and would love to know what colours you use.

Jenny said...

Hi Ady,
Thanks! For skin I use...

Naples Yellow, Winsor Lemon, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red Deep, Cobalt Violet, French Ultramarine, Olive Green, and Cerulean Blue.

All my paints are Winsor & Newton brand, except Cerulean, which is Grumbacher Academy. (I like Grumbacher's cerulean better.)

Ady said...

Thanks Jenny! Seanna's skin looks amazing - and in the close-up with the eyes, you can really see the play of colours in the skin around her eyes. Really incredible - and very interesting to study the details up close like that. Looking forward to your next project!

Lori Andrews said...

Jenny, I found your blog via Nic Simmons, I believe he juried a show that you won. Nonetheless, I LOVE your work, and will be adding you to my blog. My question to you is, I tend to do a lot of WIP's and am curious if you ever share any? I'm very curious to know how many glazes you have on these paintings? It's all so crisp and clear, and can't imagine it not being millions?? Lovely Lovely work. Oh and Congratulations on your Win!!!
Warm regards,
Lori Andrews

Jenny said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks! As for glazes, I do lots and lots of layers, though obviously the number varies from painting to painting. I post lots of pictures of my paintings in progress. Look back through the archives to find more. :-)

Matthew said...

I have been painting with watercolor since learning it in graduate school at the GSFA, UPENN. Your works have the depth of someone far past your years. I applaud your dedication to producing works with clarity and character. I trust there will be many years for all to enjoy your works, bravo!