Friday, July 25, 2008


Finished this one last week.




Erika Nelson said...

Hi Jenny, haven't visited you in a while, my server crashed along with my links :( Love the detail of the hair you show here - hair is a challenge for me lol Lovely as always. - Erika

David Wallace said...

Hi jenny I was reffered to your blog by the fine people at wetcanvas's watercolor forum. I love your work, its amazing! especially your painting of courtney! such crisp pupils!! do you ever use any masking fluid? also i was wondering if you could share what colors you use to make such perfect blonde, brunette and black hair colors, and how you manage to get even the finest hairs in kit?


Jenny said...

Thanks :-)
Nope, I never use any masking fluid. I just use a fine pointed brush and a whole lot of patience, lol. I tend to paint fine hairs in very short, very slow strokes, so it's easier for me to control the brush.

For dark areas of hair I use a lot of burnt umber, raw umber, sepia, payne's gray, ultramarine blue, and winsor violet. For blonde hair or blondish highlights, I like combining naples yellow, lemon yellow, and a little bit of cerulean blue, burnt sienna, or winsor violet, depending on the shade of blond. Payne's gray and burnt sienna make a nice black.

David Wallace said...

I knew it, i always tried shortcuts to get to making such perfect eyes but like they say watercolor is a patient medium and as the old saying goes patience brings greater rewards!

as for the naples yellow it seems you use, it also for skin tones, as well so pretty much your skin tone pallette is your hair pallette as well, in other words no seperate palettes for diffrent sections. I was suprised however how you do not use rose madder genuine by winsor newton, which usually is a staple in a portrat, figurative watercolor painters palette.

I am also a fan of ceurelean blue, however i tend to use the w/n brand due to its hue which is just amazing. Kit seems to have many layers of it in her eyes, yes no?

thanks again for the advice it was most helpful. I checked out your website as well, i find it hard to belive that you use only a 4 inch kolinsky sable round an 1/3 kolinsky sable flat, to make all the countours of your faces which are just wow! what brand of Konlinsky sable brushes are they?!