Thursday, February 04, 2010


This month, my painting Solitude will be featured in the eighth annual Trinity Presbyterian Church juried art show. Titled "Exposed," this year's show was juried by F. Lennox Campello and will hang in Norfolk's Mayer Fine Art gallery from February 6 to February 26. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 6 from 7:30 to 10:00PM.

Mayer Fine Art
333 Waterside Drive, Suite 252
Norfolk, VA 23510

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Robert said...

Just stumbled into your website by accident (more or less), and I have to say, you're amazing. I would tell you to keep up the great work, but you clearly don't need someone else to tell you what to do. You have such an amazing and abundant portfolio.

If it's alright I'd like to link to your blog from my site. You won't notice a terribly big hit in web traffic, as I think I visit my site more often than others.