Thursday, July 16, 2015


I brought my sketchbook along to a banjo performance Wednesday night. I was a little hesitant, wondering what kind of view I would have--would I even be able to see well enough to draw? 

But I am so glad I brought my supplies!

My friend snagged great seats in the third row and I had a fantastic view throughout the performance. It was so much fun to sketch the banjoists as they played. It was a real challenge to get the musicians in proportion with their banjos.

It was pretty easy to draw the male banjoist from the start. Which is why I didn't draw him very much--I was obsessed with trying to get the female banjoist down perfectly. 

And after four or five attempts, I finally cracked the code (whatever it was!) and got it down. She was much more animated than her counterpart, so she presented a greater challenge... and greater reward: more animated, exuberant drawings...

... including gesture drawings of her dancing.

I had a blast! Might need to try to make it to more musical/theater performances.

The music was beautiful, too. Very peaceful and fulfilling to do what I love while listening to beautiful music being played by someone who is doing what they love.

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