Friday, April 21, 2006

More Doodles...

... Literally, doodles. I brought my sketchbook with me to my foreign policy class yesterday night and decided to start doodling in that rather than in my notebook. That class involves a lot of note-taking, so I ended up shuffling both books around in my lap, drawing with my regular pencil, and switching back and forth from sketching to writing. I think I should start doing that more often. I forgot how much fun it is to actually sketch (in a sketchbook) people in school... I just haven't done it because I take so many notes in all my classes.

It was actually a little bit harder drawing in class than in a cafe, because when people are eating, they tend to look in the direction of the person they're with. In class, everybody's looking up, down, up, down, back, forth, etc. It's especially hard to draw the professor - he paces a lot.
Anyway, here's a page full of doodles of classmates.

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