Monday, August 28, 2006


I should have been doing this last year. But, better late than never. Classroom sketches... These ones are from Geology tonight.

(The teacher, the guy that sits right in front of me, and... somebody's ear.)

(Hands of the woman sitting in front of me, holding her textbook.)

These'll probably get boring after a while, though. (Same people over and over again...) I don't really have a great view of the classroom from my seat. (I probably should've sat in the back... Oh well. I still have a good view of this guy's ear...) Geology will be more boring just because the seats are arranged in traditional rows. In my Foreign Policy class last spring, the desks were arranged in a U shape, so from where I sat, I could see every single occupant of the room.

I almost definitely won't have any sketches from Color Theory, since that'll be a lot more work (compared to note-taking). But I still have Sociology and Film, so maybe there will be plenty of doodle time in those classes.

Needless to say, progress on my current painting has stalled. But I'll probably have a new photo of it to post come Sunday.

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