Friday, January 05, 2007

First Post of 2007 (Wow, How Time Flies)

I can't believe it's 2007. I keep thinking that just can't be right... But time does fly. Anyway, I have three pictures for the first post of the year.

I started this one last week. Relatively speaking, I really haven't done all that many commissions lately, but it still feels like it's been ages since I painted something for myself. It's nice to be back into painting whatever tickles my fancy. I love this one. I'm having so much fun working on it. There's just something about the look on her face that makes me smile.

I've gotten a lot of work done on it since I took this picture, so I'll post a new picture of it this weekend.

This one is the very last painting of 2006. I finished it just before New Year's. I was on a long-narrow-composition kick when I did this (and maybe I still am... who knows). Okay, it wasn't really a kick. Do four paintings almost in a row count as a kick?

Last but not least, I finally got around to photographing this little one, which I absolutely love. You can't see it very well in the photo, but there's a lot of variation between pink and green in her skin that was really fun to do. I painted this because I loved her vaguely moody expression, and how dynamic the pose is.

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