Friday, January 26, 2007

New Semester, New Doodles

So yesterday was the first day of spring classes. This semester should be pretty good... I just have my last two art classes - Ceramics and Advanced Drawing - plus some general education that I put off until now. I'm just glad I'm done with math! Anyway, my sketches are now limited to what I doodle in Communications (because unfortunately I won't be able to sketch people working out in my Aerobics class) and anything I doodle at the library or other places. Or who knows, maybe I'll bring my sketchbook along to my P.E. lecture, too. We'll see.

I might also post pictures of things I make in Ceramics, but that's if I manage to make something I'm proud of. :-)

Here's a page of doodles from the first day of Communications... It should be an interesting class. The teacher complained that we were being "boring" because nobody raised their hand to answer her questions. So, I'm looking forward to another four months of drawing the backs of people's heads - I mean, four months of studying communications.

And here's a doodle from the cafe.

I just liked this girl's hat.

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